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Training in English and Spanish  

Courses We Offfer

Chat with the Nursing Home Attendant

Home Health Aide / HHA

Training in English and Spanish

83 Hours

Personal and home-care aides help the elderly, disabled, ill, and/or mentally disabled. Patients live at home or in residential care facilities rather than in health-care facilities or institutions. Personal and home-care aides work with clients who need more extensive care than family or friends can provide. Excellent job opportunities and rapid employment growth are expected in this field. 

PCA to HHA Upgrades

Training in English and Spanish

43 Hours

From Personal Care Aide (PCA) to Home Health Aide (HHA) Upgrade — This course is open to health care providers with a PCA certificate or an expired HHA certificate. In this course, you will learn to perform more health-related tasks that are required to become a HHA. This upgrade will give you more job opportunities in the Health Care field.

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