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Welcome to the Efficient Care Training Center!

We are here to help you launch your new career.

Check out our courses below and take the first step to your new career today!

Upcoming HHA Course Schedule:

7/8/2024 - HHA - English (Morning 9am-2pm)

7/8/2024 - HHA - Spanish (Morning 9am-2pm)

7/15/2024 - HHA - Spanish (Evening 6-9pm)

7/29/2024 - HHA - Spanish (Morning 9am-2pm)

7/29/2024 - HHA - English (Morning 9am-2pm)

7/29/2024 - HHA - English (Evening 6-9pm)

7/29/2024 - HHA - English (Morning 9am-2pm)

8/12/2024 - HHA - Spanish (Evening 6-9pm)

8/19/2024 - HHA - Spanish (Morning 9am-2pm)

8/19/2024 - HHA - English (Morning 9am-2pm)

Upcoming PCA Course Schedule:

7/16/2024 - PCA Upgrade - English (Morning 9am-2pm)

7/16/2024 - PCA Upgrade - Spanish (Morning 9am-2pm)

7/22/2024 - Cdpap-PCA - English (Afternoon 4-9pm)

7/29/2024 - Cdpap-PCA - English (Morning 9am-2pm)

7/29/2024 - Cdpap-PCA - English (Evening 6-9pm)

8/6/2024 - PCA Upgrade - Spanish (Morning 9am-2pm)

8/6/2024 - PCA Upgrade - English (Morning 9am-2pm)

8/19/2024 - Cdpap-PCA - English (Morning 9am-2pm)

8/27/2024 - PCA Upgrade - Spanish (Morning 9am-2pm)

8/27/2024 - PCA Upgrade - English (Morning 9am-2pm)

Our Mission

We Are Here to Help You Succeed

In today’s world, short-term training in the right field is a reality. Skilled workers are very much in demand in security, health-care and medical technician professions. After just a few days of training at Efficient Care Training Center, you can be on your way towards a lifetime career move. Find your calling in a field so many industries are calling for—and plan for a brighter future.



We offer courses in the Brooklyn/Queens area in both English and Spanish. Check them out here!

What we offer


We don't only prepare you for your future career, we also help place you in a job you will love. 

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If you have any questions about courses, schedules, enrollment, or anything else we're here to help!


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Proudly licensed by the NYS Education Department.

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